Debtor for iOS


Debtor is a utility app for iPhone® or iPod Touch® which can calculate how much money you will be paying in interest given a balance, an APR and a monthly payment amount. You will be surprised to see how much of your hard-earned cash is wasted on interest over time until the balance is paid off!

Version 1.9 includes support for the iPad. It supports both portrait and landscape orientation, and can be used in split view with iPad multitasking!

Version 1.8 includes support for iOS 10 & Dynamic Type. See it in action on YouTube.

Version 1.7 completed the refreshed design with a nod to the big bold styling of iOS 10.

Version 1.6 introduced the pie chart graph & redesigned the first screen of the app.

Version 1.5 includes support for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and for iOS 8. Tap anywhere on the background to dismiss the keyboard when entering data on the initial screen. Multiple bug fixes are also included.

Version 1.4 is updated for iOS 7, and includes an updated comparison view, and it makes it really easy to see how much you can save!

Version 1.3 includes a graphical overhaul, with new fonts and an updated UI. It also makes the calculation algorithm more robust, so that you can input very large numbers and Debtor will handle it!

Version 1.2.1 includes some graphical updates to the comparison feature and other bug fixes.

Version 1.2 adds a compare feature. Compare the current monthly payment to any number of other payment scenarios, or compare the current number of months to any number of months. Debtor will show how much money can be saved by paying more per month, or paying off a debt in fewer months. Conversely, it will also show how much extra money will be owed by paying less per month, or paying off a debt in more months.

Feedback is welcome! If you have an feature requests, problems, or comments, send me an email.

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While working on my monthly household budget, I was always updating a spreadsheet with my expenses and other bills, and I needed to figure out how much I should pay towards my credit card

bills. Should I pay the minimum, and use the extra cash for something else? Should I try to put more money towards my credit card bills? Then I began to wonder how much I could save over the balance of my credit cards if I paid certain amounts more per month. How could I easily calculate that? How much money am I losing to interest because I’m paying such a low amount each month? I wished there was an app for that, and so I made that app! It is scary to see how much money is wasted on interest when you pay only the minimum due for your credit card bill.


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