Pocket Ancient Greek Dictionary with Word of the Day Widget

Why an Ancient Greek Dictionary app?

In 2020 when we all stayed home, I picked up a new hobby- learning to read Greek. My goal was to read the classics of Ancient Greece in the original language.

In the past three years, I honed my language learning skills and then built this Ancient Greek dictionary app. While I am reading my Ancient Greek language books, whether it be Plato or Marcus Aurelius, or the Greek New Testament, I am still learning the vocabulary so I really wanted to be able to quickly look up a Greek word on my phone.

This app is populated with 5,923 entries from two sources, a Greek New Testament vocabulary list, and a Core Ancient Greek list. You can search for either the English definition or the Greek word and the app is smart enough to narrow down the results to find the word you are looking for. This is really the killer feature of the app! The search results update after every keyboard key press and are displayed immediately. Looking up a word is quick and easy. This app has been a very helpful tool while I’m reading Greek, and I hope it is able to help others as well!

The app is now available in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, or Mac! Get it here!

The app also runs on Apple’s new Macs with an M-Series chip, so you can have the Dictionary and the Word of the Day widget on your computer!

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