I was asked to photograph my friend’s wedding…

I work with Chee Yi at Expedia- we write Swift code for 8 hours every day and often discuss other topics and hobbies we have. We both have a love of photography.

He had been planning on getting married to his long-time girlfriend Zen-Zi, and they decided to elope at the local county courthouse. He bought a Canon EOS 5D Mark III, but he can’t photograph his own wedding.

So he asked me to do it. How could I turn him down? I’ve been taking photos and portraits of family and friends, and also doing some street photography for years. So now I can say I am a wedding photographer!

Before the ceremony, I took a few photographs of the couple and the bouquet.


The ceremony was short and sweet. The judge read the vows, and the bride and groom’s parents watched the ceremony on a FaceTime call.


After the ceremony, I took some shots of the newly married couple in the Government Center.


Now that the ceremony was over, we walked through the Minneapolis skyway and stopped for some portraits along the way to the restaurant for dinner.


After braving the cold for only one block, we made it to the restaurant for dinner. Everyone but me ordered seafood. Zen-Zi’s sister Wen-Qi baked a very fancy wedding cake, and after dinner the wedding couple fed each other some of it!


It was a great day, and I wish all the best to the happy couple. It was an honor to photograph the event for them!





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