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  • I was asked to photograph my friend’s wedding…

    I work with Chee Yi at Expedia- we write Swift code for 8 hours every day and often discuss other topics and hobbies we have. We both have a love of photography. He had been planning on getting married to his long-time girlfriend Zen-Zi, and they decided to elope at the local county courthouse. He bought a…

  • Kirby Puckett Statue at Night

    Kirby Puckett Statue at Night

    I just noticed today that my photo of the Kirby Puckett statue outside Target Field was used last year in an SBNation article about baseball park statues!

  • Vikings VS Patriots at TCF Bank Stadium

    I had seats in the first row at the recent NFL football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the New England Patriots. I brought my camera and took as many shots as I could of the action since I was so close. I did my best impression of a sideline photographer. The game was at…

  • Taking photos under a bright sun

    Taking photos under a bright sun

    You may think that you do not want the midday sun behind your photography subjects. With the sun behind them, they would be in shadow. But then if you put the sun behind you and have your subjects face the sun, this photo is what you get. It was impossible for anyone to keep their…

  • Birthday Party

    I took this photo as the birthday girl was opening her presents. The bright light is from the flash of another camera. I thought this image really captured the moment.

  • So Tired

    I’ve been so tired lately, because of this little guy. But it’s so worth it.