How to quickly memorize numbers in Greek

One really simple but effective way to memorize the Greek numbers is to count with them instead of your usual language e.g. English.

Anytime you are doing something that requires you to count, you can choose to count in Greek. So for me, when I’m lifting weights, I count my reps in Greek instead of English. If you do this every time you work out, you can quickly memorize the Greek numbers. My current workout regimen often goes to twelve, so I included the numbers up to twelve here.

Modern Greek numbers
1 ένα
2 δύο
3 τρία
4 τέσσερα
5 πέντε
6 έξι
7 επτά
8 οκτώ
9 εννέα
10 δέκα
11 έντεκα
12 δώδεκα

Koine Greek numbers
1 εἷς
2 δύο
3 τρεῖς
4 τέσσαρες
5 πέντε
6 ἓξ
7 ἑπτὰ
8 ὀκτὼ
9 ἐννέα
10 δέκα
11 ἕνδεκα
12 δώδεκα







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