Typing in Greek on macOS Ventura

I plan on blogging about things that require you to be able to type Greek characters such as αλφα βητα γαμμα in the future so here’s a quick post on how to enable the Greek keyboard in macOS Ventura.

Launch System Settings, scroll down, and tap on the Keyboard settings. From here, under the Text Input heading, under Input Sources, you can tap on the Edit button here to bring up the ability to select other language keyboards.

On the All Input Sources screen, make sure “Show Input menu in menu bar” is enabled. Then in the lower left, you can tap on the + button to add the Greek and also the Greek – Polytonic keyboards. The Polytonic keyboard has more options for typing Ancient Greek, which has all sorts of diacritics such as breathing marks etc. Once you add the keyboards, then they will be available to you in the Menu Bar at the top of the screen.

If you have one of the newer MacBooks with the little Globe icon key in the corner of the keyboard, you can also tap on that key to quickly switch keyboard languages!

And that’s it! I use the Globe to change from Greek to English fairly often and it’s quick and easy! Enjoy typing στα ελληνικά!



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