Android version of Pocket Greek Dictionary is in Development

Recently I started working on a new skill. React Native. In the photo above, on the right is the fully native iOS build of Pocket Greek Dictionary. On the right, my work in progress React Native version. It’s a whole new way to build mobile apps and I can use it to build both an iOS and an Android version of the app in a single codebase. However, that’s not what I want to do for Pocket Greek Dictionary. The iOS version of the app is already basically done, and it uses Core Data and the Voice Synthesizer which are not likely supported in React Native. However, I can use React Native to build the Android version of the app. So that’s what I am working on. I just started working on this so the only functional screen is the alphabet screen. I have a long way to go, but it’s been fun to pick up a new technology to build mobile apps in a new way.



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