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  • You Can Learn Ancient Greek!

    This video by Luke Ranieri of Polymathy is a very funny but in some ways all too true send up of how difficult it is to learn Ancient Greek.

  • 1177 BC – The Bronze Age Collapse

    1177 BC – The Bronze Age Collapse

    When one studies the ancient world, one of the most fascinating eras is the bronze age. There was a complex trading network between the civilizations around the Mediterranean trading goods. It was very modern in the sense that the separate civilizations were all able to trade with one another so each could get the resources…

  • Alexander The Great’s Speech in Greek!

    Alexander The Great’s Speech in Greek!

    Naturally, as I studied Ancient Greek history, I became obsessed for awhile with Alexander the Great, and read various books about him and the hellenistic age that he ushered in with his conquests. There is a video on YouTube of Alexander The Great giving a speech, and it’s in spoken Ancient Greek! I revisit the…

  • Learning Greek: Easy Greek

    One of my favorite resources for learning is YouTube. Everything is on YouTube. Now, one of my reasons for learning Modern Greek is to understand how real people speak it, what they sound like, what if any modern slang they use, etc. In the end, my main reason for learning Modern Greek is so that…

  • Watch the new Prometheus International Launch Trailer

    This latest trailer for Prometheus has some new footage of the Alien life form(s). It’s not a face hugger, but something different. I’m really looking forward to this movie, and I probably should make plans now so that I can see it on opening night.

  • Another Prometheus Trailer

    I can’t help myself- I can’t get enough of this movie. I wonder if the landing scene is going to go on forever like when they landed the Nostromo in the original Alien.