I saw Prometheus in glorious IMAX 3D on opening weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed the film. It starts off with sweeping vistas of pristine landscapes, which look beautiful on the big IMAX screen. There were a lot of callbacks to the original Alien movie, most of them subtle. Some as simple as the Prometheus having a similar interior architecture and design as the Nostromo. Prometheus had scenes of futuristic sci-fi gadgetry, sequences of fast-pasted action, and a few horrifying and terrifying moments, and I enjoyed them all. I won’t say too much more about the content of the film, because I don’t want to give anything away for anyone who hasn’t yet seen the film.

Prometheus is a stark contrast to the Avengers, both in tone and content. The Avengers is a PG-13 fun comic book action movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, while Prometheus is an R-rated epic science fiction film, with lots of imagery and dialog that is intentionally vague, so that after the film ends, the audience is left with plenty to discuss as they parse what they just saw and what it meant. Once the Avengers ended, although I enjoyed it very much, I simply left the theater and left the movie behind.

I had high expectations for Prometheus, and have been following a lot of the discussion on Twitter and the greater internet. Eventually I did stop to avoid spoilers as the premiere date approached. I even stopped reading Roger Ebert’s review because I felt it was getting too far into the plot. Now that I’ve seen the film, I am free to participate in the discourse and watch all things related to Prometheus. Prometheus definitely lived up to the hype in my opinion, and I will see it again as soon as I can.





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