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  • Learning Greek: Where to Start? Probably the alphabet.

    I wanted to learn Greek, but I did not even know the alphabet. I felt like a small child. When I need to find a tutorial for anything I am learning, the first place I look is YouTube. So I searched YouTube for videos on the Greek alphabet. This one, with the Koine pronunciation, I…

  • Teaching myself Greek

    According to my account in Duolingo, today I reached a 840 day streak. It was 840 days ago (as of this writing) that I decided to go all-in and learn Greek. My actual goal is to learn to read Ancient Greek. But that is a big, big goal. I did not even know the alphabet,…

  • Prometheus

    I saw Prometheus in glorious IMAX 3D on opening weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed the film. It starts off with sweeping vistas of pristine landscapes, which look beautiful on the big IMAX screen. There were a lot of callbacks to the original Alien movie, most of them subtle. Some as simple as the Prometheus having a…

  • Watch the new Prometheus International Launch Trailer

    This latest trailer for Prometheus has some new footage of the Alien life form(s). It’s not a face hugger, but something different. I’m really looking forward to this movie, and I probably should make plans now so that I can see it on opening night.

  • Another Prometheus Trailer

    I can’t help myself- I can’t get enough of this movie. I wonder if the landing scene is going to go on forever like when they landed the Nostromo in the original Alien.

  • Watch the new Prometheus trailer

    This movie looks like it’s going to be amazing.

  • A Work In Progress

    Just a reminder that this blog is a work in progress, and I may update older posts with new shininess like box-shadow CSS for the images and stuff like that as I go.