Teaching myself Greek

According to my account in Duolingo, today I reached a 840 day streak. It was 840 days ago (as of this writing) that I decided to go all-in and learn Greek. My actual goal is to learn to read Ancient Greek. But that is a big, big goal. I did not even know the alphabet, so I decided to start with a smaller goal of learning some Modern Greek, which I knew was available as an option in Duolingo. If you want to add me as a friend on there, a link to my profile is here:


So, it’s been 840 days, and I want to share with the world (τον κοσμον) how it’s going- learning Greek has become my favorite thing to do in my free time and I wanted to document how it’s going for me and what learning resources I have found and how I feel about them. This post is only the beginning of me documenting my journey!

Duolingo 840 day streak image






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