Google Translate is your friend.

Here is a link to that Google Translate page for the screen shot above. I use Google Translate quite often, I just leave it open in tab in my web browser at all times. I follow some Greek language accounts on social media, so I use Google Translate if I need any help at all reading the Greek text. Google Translate also seems to work for Ancient Greek, but I have less confidence in that than when using it for Modern Greek.

Here is the link to the Google translate page below. The text is a line from the Septuagint. As long as all the diacriticals are there, it seems to do a decent job translating Ancient Greek! I don’t have confidence that Google could translate any ancient Greek text, but in this case it did a commendable job.

In summary, I recommend you keep a link to close at hand so that you can return to it anytime you need help to review some Modern Greek if you don’t know all the words for whatever you may be reading.







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