Listening to Greek Music

One of the ways to immerse yourself in the Greek language is to listen to Greek music. As an American, I am not really sure of the best way to find Greek language music. But I do have one reliable source of it. Apple Music’s Top 100: Greece playlist. I’m not really into the more traditional sounding Greek music, but I find the Greek Hip-Hop music fun. The playlist is dynamic- it updates every day with the top 100 most-played songs in Greece.

I like to listen to it in the background while I work, and if a song catches my ear, I will listen to it with the lyrics on, and if I don’t know any of the words, I can put the lyrics into Google Translate (which I blogged about recently) to see what the lyrics mean. This way, I can listen to the Greek language, and over time I have been able to build my vocabulary and pick up more and more words in the songs over time!






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