The Greek Word of the Day Widget

The Ancient Greek Dictionary Word of the Day Widget can be displayed on your iPhone’s lock screen and home screen. Apple has pretty good instructions for how to setup and configure widgets on your iPhone here:

Editing Lock Screen Widgets

The Greek Dictionary Word of the Day widget can be configured for how often you want the Word of the Day to update. Currently, the options are Daily, Twice a day, Hourly, or Five minutes. You can also specify the font for the Greek text.

Editing Home Screen Widgets

To edit home screen widgets, just long press on the widget and select the Edit Widget menu. If you were running an earlier TestFlight build of the app, delete the widget and add it again, and you should see the Edit menu after that.

And that’s it! Set the Update Interval that best suits you and your Word of the Day widget will update as often as you like with a fresh Ancient Greek word!







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